Pacific Rim, photo by Chris Aikman

Dream Green

"We have insurmountable opportunities." - Yogi Berra
"Each of us has far more knowledge power than did any king in history." - Barrie Zwicker
"To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work." - Yes!No! by Mary Oliver

When this website went online in 2005, it was themed on a simple premise:
The world today faces incredible challenges, but it also has come to a point of unparalleled opportunity. Just consider the internet as a case in point. For the first time in global history, every citizen of this planet has, at least in principle, the right to access all the knowledge and wisdom of our own and of former times.

Just a few centuries ago, the fate of the world rested largely on the decisions of a handful of hereditary leaders whose qualifications were questionable, but whose power was absolute. Today, any global citizen can be better informed than those leaders, and can play a significant role in the collective consciousness.

Enter, and be informed.

"Maximizing the Productivity and Benefits of the Comox Lake Water Supply"

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