Hatley Gardens: photo by Hennie Aikman

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DreamGreen aims to present an eclectic cross section of the issues and opportunities facing us in the early twenty-first century. In particular, it aspires to raise the level of consciousness of our possible futures at the community and global level, and to clarify the paths to brighter, sustainable and socially just outcomes.

This website is the personal project of Chris Aikman. Your comments and suggestions are welcome, and can be addressed to:

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Thanks to Hennie Aikman, NASA, Fr. Charles Brandt and Philip Stone for photos.
Photo credits are embedded in the "alt tags" on page header photos.

"At a time when opportunism is everything, when hope seems lost, when everything boils down to a cynical business deal, we must find the courage to dream." - Arundhati Roy

"Whether the spirit of the earth can eventually recover and reassert itself is the greatest question facing mankind, not unlike the menacing question way back in the Sixties...of whether the earth and all forms of life therein were destined to be obliterated by nuclear warfare."
- Jane Hawking in Travelling to Infinity

"We will, I believe, come together in a global community. The members of that enlightened community will recognize that we are made in the image of our environment, i.e., that we are divine and that we have to operate, not in a survival of the fittest manner, but in a way that supports everyone and everything on this planet."
- Bruce Lipton in Biology of Belief

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