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Climate Change

This page contains only recent postings (mostly late 2009) on the climate issue.
Click here for an historical perspective on climate change.
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Here is the official text of the Copenhagen Accord as downloaded from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change website. Can you spot the "significant elements"?

The Copenhagen Conference
Scramble for the atmosphere (George Monbiot, December 18, 2009)
Copenhagen crunch
Hansen warns against climate compromise
Tzeporah Berman addressing Prime Minister Stephen Harper
Copenhagen summit welcomes US emissions curbs

Climate Politics
Commonwealth Climate Change Action Plan
Governors back treaty with teeth
Kyoto goals visualized
Tar sands versus Kyoto targets
Canada's climate views trigger a walkout
Climate Refugees
Climate Leadership, Economic Prosperity

Climate Advocacy
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
James Hansen's testimony (2007)
World climate report
A plan to solve the climate crisis
Global Climate Campaign
De-smog Blog

Climate Outlook
This decade warmest on record
Global average temperature may hit record level in 2010
Impact of a 4 degree temperature rise
Decline of ice coverage
Arctic Ice Melting Much Faster Than Predicted

Climate Factors
Solar variation
Cosmic Rays and Climate

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