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The Media Problem

How do we really know what is happening in our world today? Most of us worry, not about the news we do hear, but about the significant news that never reaches us. In Canada, media concentration into the hands of a few conglomerates does little to encourage in-depth journalism. We also face an increasing threat from foreign ownership of mainstream media.

Into this serious breach of social contract, citizen journalists are leaping to democratize news reporting. Armed with digital cameras built into cell phones, and linked by internet blogs and You Tube, Joe and Jill Citizen can report eyewitness accounts to the world. How would we ever have known the true story of the wrongful death of Robert Dziekanski at the hands of the RCMP without citizen journalism? How would know about public safety being comprimized by sudoku-playing bus drivers without citizen journalists?

Here are some online news resources to explore:

World News
Reuters Alert Net www.alertnet.org
BBC News news.bbc.co.uk
AlJazeera english.aljazeera.net
Inter Press Service www.ipsnews.net
EU News Explorer emm.newsexplorer.eu
EU Observer http://euobserver.com
Positive News www.positivenews.org.uk
Alternate Media
Democracy Now! www.democracynow.org
World News Daily www.informationclearinghouse.info
Global Research globalresearch.ca
Peace, Earth, Justice www.pej.org
Center for Media & Democracy www.prwatch.org
Common Dreams www.commondreams.org
Common Ground www.commonground.ca
Environmental News
World Environment News planetark.org/enviro-news
Environment News Service www.ens-newswire.com
Terradaily www.terradaily.com
Climate Change www.theglobeandmail.com/climatechange
Climatewire climatewire.org
Grist Magazine www.grist.org
Econews www.earthfuture.com/econews
Dissident Voices
Counter Currents www.countercurrents.org
Dissident Voice www.dissidentvoice.org
The Dominion www.dominionpaper.ca
AlterNet www.alternet.org
Pacific Free Press www.pacificfreepress.com
Media Issues
Open Media
Center for Digital Democracy
"The word processor is mightier than the suicide bomber"
O CanadaAshore & AfloatTitanicAbout DreamGreen

"Concentration of power over what we see in the news is a danger to democracy."
- William Safire