Black Tusk, Garibaldi Park


Future War

"Humans are a creative species with a potentially interesting future, but they do have some maladaptive traits. One is to start killing each other en masse at the drop of a handkerchief. Another is to think a man in a three-piece suit always knows more than a man wearing a lab coat. And a third is to believe the world is unchangeable. If serious global warming is a near-future reality, our great grandchildren will see the dangers of all three traits in action. The weather on Earth will undergo a catastrophic change. The men in three-piece suits will pick up their profits and run for high ground and cool air; and nations will go to war because they won't know what else to do." - Dan Agin

Perhaps this already happening.

Past War

"Deep down we women are experiencing a kind of collective disappointment. The Nazi world - ruled by men, glorifying the strong man - is beginning to crumble, and with it the myth of "Man". In earlier wars men could claim that the privilege of killing and being killed for the fatherland was theirs and theirs alone. Today, we women, too, have a share. That has transformed us, emboldened us. Among the many defeats at the end of this war is the defeat of the male sex."
from "A woman in Berlin", an anonymously published diary of a Berlin woman written in May-June, 1945

Present War

The costs of war
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War as Policy
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"War that will not end in our lifetime"
Doctrine for Joint Nuclear Operations
A Nuclear-Weapons Free Europe

"How are nations ruled and led into war?
Politicians lie to journalists, and then believe those lies when they see them in print."

-Austrian journalist Karl Wiegand, explaining the causes of World War I

"Do you wonder that, reading Wordsworth this afternoon
in a clearing of the unpolluted woodlands,
and marking the lovely faded colours on the wings of hibernating butterflies,
and their soft motions,
I felt a disgust, even to sickness, of the appalling wickedness of war."

- Lt. Bernard Pitt, poet and teacher, while on reserve near the Western Front in France, March 1916.

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"Overwhelming nuclear strength cannot stop a guerrilla war."
- John F. Kennedy, from the speech President Kennedy was to deliver at the
Dallas Trade Mart, 22 Nov 1963; he was assassinated on his way there.